Is it possible to support one another in our communities in a loving and present way, as loved ones or friends approach the end of life?

Can we create a circle of support, companions, that offer a healing place for those involved, recognizing the sacred nature of dying and our connection to it.

Each person will have his or her own definition or understanding of the sacred. In referring to “sacred care” within this project, we are in particular referring to two aspects of care – presence and service.

When we are beside a dying person, when we are giving care and comfort, when we just sit quietly to “be there” with them, we are making a particular kind of connection. We are connecting from a deep place within ourselves, our essential core being, which draws us together, allowing love and compassion to flow, in divine presence.

The care offered by those within a sacred care circle is a form of sacrifice, a loving gift from one person to another. Communities, who take part in this work, are giving of their time and of themselves out of love for, and in service to another.

Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church – Sacred Care Circle

Sacred care is also about how we become aware of and connect to our own deep and essential nature, which is loving, peaceful, joyful and compassionate. This can be explored and nurtured within the sacred care circle.

The sacred care circle is also a safe place for reflection and sharing for people who participate in this care.



Thank you for sharing your experiences within the workshops and with the Sacred Care Circle to prepare me to be able to do this!

My mother, bless her soul, transitioned from this world at 3:00am on February 15th, 2017. What a blessing to share that sacred space with her as she made her way from this world to the other.

I’ve accepted the fact that not everyone can, or will be able, to do what I did.  Being in that space of grace with my Mother was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life, but also the most wonderfully blessed thing I’ve ever done!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You once again for all you have taught me!