I would like to share my story with you. I had two family members battling terminal cancer, at the same time. My son, Adam, had brain cancer, and my sister, Ilona, had ovarian cancer. It was an extremely difficult time for my family and myself.

My husband and I were traveling back and forth to Florida, where my son had lived and was receiving treatment.  At the same time, while in Florida taking care of our son, my sister was also hospitalized on repeated occasions.  It felt overwhelming at times and impossible to manage.

I was introduced to Bridget, as someone who might be able to help us care for and spend time with Ilona.  She shared with me the work she was doing with people who were coming to the end of life, and although we didn’t have any timeframe for Ilona’s life, and were actively pursuing life-extending measures, she was willing to support us all.

Bridget supported and befriended Ilona for over two years. She took care of my sister when we were in Florida. She would stay with my sister at the hospital. Bridget was an angel sent from heaven. She is kind and extremely knowledgeable. Bridget also appreciated that Ilona could not afford to pay for extra care, and our finances were tight. Flying back and forth to Florida and staying in hotels was very costly. She did not charge us for her time and visits. Bridget did this from the kindness of her heart. My sister just adored her. She would always ask me, “Is Bridget coming today?”  Bridget spent the last days and hours with us all at the hospital until my wonderful sister passed away. I am forever grateful to have had Bridget in my life during that time. Unfortunately, we have lost both of our family members, but gain a friend in Bridget.

– Barbara, a sister.


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