Death is a sacred rite of passage, a natural event, a communal event. In referring to “sacred care” we are exploring how we can bring our own essential nature – that of love, peace, compassion and joy – to the experience of living and dying.

This project is not about any one person but many.  It is about all those who have opened their hearts and minds to care for those they love in a deep connected way – a sacred way.

Bridget Haley directs the Project. From a foundation of nursing in the UK, she has been a longtime caregiver in America. Over the last several years the focus of her caregiving work has been with people who are chronically sick and terminally ill, working with those who are dying and their families. Bridget feels a deep connection and calling to this work, and has spent much time and energy in studying and trying to understand the sacred dying process on a deeper level.

Bridget Haley

Bridget Haley

She has come to see how this inevitable life passage, this very natural process has become more difficult, with so much fear and unpreparedness for all involved.

She also sees that, with the right guidance and support, we all have the innate capacity to share in this experience in a healing way, bringing love, compassion and sacred connection throughout the process. The Sacred Care Project has become an extension of her own work with the chronically sick and dying.

Bridget’s hope is that we can learn from and support one another, those in our lives and communities. That we can begin to see and experience the grace in dying.

“This is ultimately about ourselves, and how we will live our lives until that time of transition. I believe that it matters how we live and die, and how we come to death. This is a transformative event that can bring healing for both ourselves and our loved ones—those we leave behind. Perhaps this is the last gift we give ourselves and our loved ones, but it does require that we find courage and take time to do this work together. It also requires that we begin to make those conscious choices today that can make the difference, reconnecting ourselves with the truth of who we are, and our connection to all of life, healing into our wholeness.”

Bridget Haley